Sweets by the river

I’m not sure who brought it up first, but during breakfast my sister Juji, her boyfriend Jay, Jac and I talked about a French bakery nearby on Mends Street. After our salty and savoury cooked breakfasts, we were quite keen to have something sweet – the four of us made a sweets stop at that bakery after breakfast.

Bakery, La Galette De France (Shop 3, 35 Mends St, South Perth) is kind of tucked away and not very obvious if you’re not really looking out for it. We bought a selection of pastries and found a sunny patch of grass by the river on which to sit and eat them.

Juji and Jay each had a strawberry and custard tart (AU$3.50 ea).

Strawberry tarts

Jac chose a few “mini” items. The first was this mini strawberry and custard tart (AU$1.50). I chose a baked custard tart garnished with pear slices (AU$2.20). All the tarts were made with a wonderful sweet pastry that was just the right balance between crisp and crumbly.

Strawberry and custard tart, and baked pear custard tart

Baked pear custard tart

Jac’s other items were a mini lemon tart and a profiterole filled with chocolate custard (AU$1.50 ea). Of course, I just had to help Jac eat her three items (well, she shared my pear tart too)! :) The lemon tart was our favourite, hands-down. The lemon topping was gloriously yellow, velvety smooth and lusciously thick and deliciously tart. If you like lemon-flavoured desserts, this is a gorgeous dollop of heaven.

Lemon tart and chocolate-filled profiterole

The chocolate custard in the profiterole was smooth and creamy.

Chocolate-filled profiterole - innards

It’s probably a good thing that I don’t live close to a French bakery – with all these tempting treats, my smallish sweet tooth would easily grow into a sweet sabre-toothy fang.

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