Mashed potato yeah

Here was dinner Monday evening last week. Steam-in-the-bag fish in lemon and herb sauce, which Jac served with steamed broccoli and garlic vegetables. The fish was, surprisingly, quite good for something “in-the-bag”.

Steamed fish in lemon and herb sauce, with steamed broccoli and garlic vegetables

And to go with my fish and vegetables, a bowl of Jac’s fluffy buttery mashed potato.
“I don’t think I can eat all that,” I told Jac.
“Just eat what you can,” she said.
I must’ve been hungrier (or greedier) than I thought – I ate it all, and enjoyed every bit of it. In case you’re horrified at the thought of me guzzling a huge bowl of mashed potato, this was one of our small bowls, which probably holds around 250 mL (yeah yeah, I’m still a piggy!).

Mashed potato

I didn’t mention earlier – I had all of last week off work. Jac told me not to worry about bento – I could sleep in each morning and not worry about getting up early to make lunches. As a result of this, there are no bento box lunches from last next week’s photos, but there’s plenty of food to come. :) Don’t worry, there’ll be bento posts coming from this week. I am running a tad behind with posts, please bear with me.

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