Out of SPAM? Never!

As I was on leave last week I had time to cook myself some breakfast on Tuesday morning. I woke up feeling like fried SPAM and egg with baked beans and rice for breakfast.

I dug around the pantry looking for a tin of SPAM, and shock, horror – no SPAM!
Somehow, I’d let my supply of SPAM dwindle to nothing!
But I found a tin of turkey SPAM. It would have to do.

I do like turkey SPAM, but it’s really not a substitute for the original pork-based SPAM when you have a craving. It tastes different, it feels different. I think the turkey is mushier than the pork, which is springier, saltier and tastier (and fattier and even more unhealthy too). I enjoyed this breakfast, but the whole time I wished it was original porky SPAM rather than turkey SPAM. Original SPAM’s on our shopping list for this weekend. :)

Turkey SPAM, egg, rice and baked beans

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