Roast pork dinner and leftovers for lunch

Tuesday evening last week Jac cooked a pork loin roast, which she served with roasted root vegetables (sweet potato, potato and carrot) and buttered steamed cabbage. It was really delicious, but some of you will be disappointed to know there was no crackling. That’s just how the roast came from the butcher. You may notice I didn’t have much gravy on my pork – I wasn’t really in a gravy mood that night. The pork was so juicy and tender and vegies so tasty I didn’t really need any extra moisture or flavour from a sauce.

Roast pork, vegetables and buttered cabbage

The trio of roasted root vegetables were cooked on the same tray, but Jac seasoned them in three different ways: sweet potato with onion salt, potato with butter and a little of the pork drippings, and carrots simply tossed in olive oil.

Roasted vegetables

On Wednesday, Jac came home for lunch, and this is what I made for us using the leftovers from dinner: a roast pork, English spinach and wholegrain mustard sandwich, with a rocket and spinach salad with grape tomatoes, mushrooms and cubes of roasted potato, sweet potato and carrot.

Roast pork and spinach sandwich, with rocket, spinach and roasted root vegetable salad

Mmmm, this salad was fantastic. I’d like to roast vegetables more regularly just so I can put them in salad like this! I didn’t need any dressing at all, but Jac poured on the ranch and really enjoyed it.

Rocket, spinach and roasted root vegetable salad

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