My Thursday bento with new Shinzi Katoh bento box

I’ve discovered and become a big fan of Shinzi Katoh‘s work recently. When I saw this Shinzi Katoh bento box featuring a cute little cat, I just had to buy it! It’s a two-tier box with a lid that has clips to hold the tiers together, so no bento belt is necessary.

Thursday bento with new lunch box by Shinzi Katoh

Jac didn’t need lunch, so I just had to worry about myself. It was probably a good thing I only needed to rustle up grub for one – we were running low on most things! For vegetables I had sugar snap peas, cucumber, lettuce and snow pea sprouts. To add a little colour I made carrot flowers using my vegetable cutter, and then added corn kernels. I quickly fried up some SPAM, which I cut into squares. I hadn’t thought to cook rice beforehand and we didn’t have any fresh bread, so I used the edible but-not-soft-enough-to-eat-fresh bread to make French toast. I cut the bread into squares (to match the SPAM) and dipped them in a mixture of egg, a splash of soy milk and a good pinch of raw sugar, then fried the squares in a pan in a little butter. I packed myself a sauce bottle of maple syrup for the French toast – even with a funnel, it was quite tricky and a little messy getting the syrup into the bottle because it was so thick – that’s why I didn’t fill the bottle up as full as I’d have liked. I waited until the SPAM and the French toast had cooled down completely before packing them in the bento box to avoid condensation and sogginess issues. And in the SPAM compartment I squeezed in a piece of Dutch cheddar cheese – sorry, I can’t remember exactly what it’s called.

Thursday bento lunch with salad, SPAM and French toast

Although it’s got two tiers, be warned – it’s a very small bento box. Its dimensions are 14 cm(length) x 9 cm (width) x 8 cm (height), capacity top 280 mL, bottom 260 mL – good for portion control. :)

I believe the French text on the bento box means “You can come if you like”, or “You can come if you want”. Something like that (any French-speaking readers wish to correct or clarify, feel free). Isn’t the little cat cute? I also love the little cat silhouette on the bento box clips.

New bento box

The new bento box came with a bento bag. I prefer my red bag though, as it has handles. This new one is quite roomy but only has drawstrings, no handles.

New bento bag

I ate some of the French toast and SPAM as mini square sandwiches, yum. I ate some of the French toast with a little maple syrup. And then I ate some SPAM with maple syrup. Maple syrup goes so well with so many things!

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