Saturday brunch

Two Saturdays ago, we went to the shops in the morning and grabbed some brunch at the food hall.

Jac had a steak and salad burger, which she rather enjoyed. The steak was freshly grilled and was quite tender. As Jac usually has to ask for “heavy lettuce”, she was very pleased with the generous amount of lettuce included in the burger.

Steak burger

I had teriyaki fish and rice. The batter on the fish was the palest I’ve seen in a long time, but it was crisp and tasty, the fish inside moist, flaky and tender. The teriyaki sauce was sticky and syrupy and delicious on the fish and rice. In addition to the raw cabbage and carrot garnish on top of the rice, under the fish was cooked vegetables – more carrot and cabbage. It was all delicious.

Teriyaki fish

After brunch, we went home so that Jac could get ready for hockey and I could finish packing for our weekend away. I’d make my way to the hotel and check in first; Jac would get home after her match, shower, change and meet me at the hotel a few hours later to begin our weekend away.

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