Friday food – smoked salmon bento for Jac, takeaway nasi lemak for me

Last Friday I planned to have lunch with my workmates. But I packed Jac a bento box anyway. She asked if I could pack her a smoked salmon lunch. No problem! I don’t usually wear gloves (you know, like proper lunch ladies wear!) when I pack our lunches but I did this time, as I didn’t want to smell like smoked salmon afterwards (even after I’ve washed, no – scrubbed my hands, I can always smell the faintest hint of it for hours later). I can’t stand smoked salmon!

In the bottom tier I packed some shredded cos lettuce, finely chopped white cabbage and blanched sugar snap peas (the last of them, boy, did that bag of sugar snaps go a long, long way!). I used a vegetable cutter to make carrot and cucumber flowers to garnish the salad. In a pink heart-shaped container I placed light Philadelphia cream cheese. I also packed some bread and butter, and made a compartment for a few crackers using a section of the disposable plastic container our cherry tomatoes came in.

Jac's bento bottom tier

In the top tier of the box, I made a bed of cos lettuce, on which I placed smoked salmon, which I made into sort-of fat cigar-shaped rolls, topped with more vegetable flowers. I used the lettuce as natural food divider again, this time to prevent the lemon wedges from touching the salmon. Obviously, Jac would eat the salmon later and squeeze the lemon over it, but I didn’t want to lemon to prematurely get to the salmon and possibly “overcook” it. In the bento box’s own mini compartments I packed capers, dill pickles and some freshly chopped spring onion. I would’ve packed finely sliced red onion as that goes very well with smoked salmon, but we didn’t have any.

Jac's bento top tier

After I took this photo I GLAD wrapped the cream cheese and the capers and pickles. The top tier has a lid (see photo of entire bento box) and I had drained the capers and pickles before packing, but I didn’t want to take any chances with leakage. Jac really enjoyed her lunch. I always ask Jac if she enjoyed her bento lunch, for any suggestions for improvement, feedback on ideas that didn’t work, etc. She said the only thing to improve this bento would’ve been more salad. Next time. :)

Jac's smoked salmon bento

Bento accessories info:
I bought the heart-shaped container in a pack of differently-shaped plastic ontainers from eBay. You can buy similar pink heart-shaped silicon containers from JBox:
Reusable silicon bento cup – heart shape

Baran, or bento partition grass are also available:
Baran -bento/sushi decorative partition grass – multi-colour pack
Baran – bento/sushi decorative partition grass – green

I’ve only got one type of vegetable cutter ( I believe mine is the “sakura”, or cherry blossom). You can buy a four-pack featuring different shapes:
Vegetable shaper assortment set – sakura, plum, maple leaf, chrysanthemum

I enjoyed a nasi lemak (AU$7.50) lunch from Munch Terrace (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St East Perth) . Unfortunately, a meeting just before lunch time caused us to get to Munch rather late (after 12:30pm, which is late for us! :)) We arrived right at the peak of the lunch crowd – the Friday special nasi lemak lunch crowd – and there was nowhere to sit. We ordered our nasi lemak takeaway and enjoyed it back at the office (see this previous post for a photo of nasi lemak when it hasn’t been squashed into a takeaway container). The battered chicken wing was simply enormous this time. I bought an extra box of nasi lemak which I took home so Jac could try it. She’d been drooling over the photos and had really wanted to try it for herself. Her verdict: “Yep, I’ll have that again!” :)

Takeaway nasi lemak

Thank you for your recent comments and emails. I’ll be writing my replies this weekend. :)

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