Thursday bento – leftovers

I used leftovers from our Korean/Japanese takeaway dinner in our bento boxes last Thursday.

In Jac’s bento on the left: jaeyuk pokkum – stir-fried chicken and vegetables in a spicy sauce – I placed this in a lettuce cup so the red sauce wouldn’t stain the yellow plastic of the bento box; beef bulgogi, and rice. On the right: salad, blanched sugar snap peas (Jac bought a really big bag of these, so I’ve had to use them up!) and a gyoza. To finish: kaya pinwheel sandwiches (what is kaya?). I placed the salad in a dry lettuce leaf which formed a border between the salad and the tip of the gyoza (so the gyoza wouldn’t get soggy), and I made a divider out of a little strip of baking paper, to keep the sweet kaya pinwheels separate from the other items.

Jac's bento

I had the same lunch as Jac, except for one thing – I packed myself some leftover curry noodles from Tuesday night’s dinner instead of jaeyuk pokkum.

My bento

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