The return of Poppo takeaway

Last Wednesday night, I grabbed us dinner from Poppo Korean and Japanese Restaurant (Barrack St, Perth – see a previous takeaway dinner from Poppo, and a dine-in experience at Poppo, featuring my favourite sushi photos). I’d already eaten Japanese for my lunch that day, but Jac was really in the mood for Korean or Japanese food, and I didn’t mind having two Japanesey meals in one day. I ordered Japanese and Korean dishes.

To start – a serve of gyoza, which I love. They came with that tasty spicy dipping sauce, with lots of garlic and chilli.


The beef bulgogi was as delicious as ever, with tender, wafer-thin slices of beef.

Beef bulgogi

I also got us teriyaki fish…

Teriyaki fish

…and jaeyuk pokkum, a Korean-style spicy stir-fry with meat and vegetables – you could choose pork or chicken as the meat, and (no surprise!) I chose chicken. This was Jac’s favourite dish of the lot. My favourite was the gyoza. The jaeyuk pokkum looked like it would be blow-your-head-off fiery, but it wasn’t. It was actually quite pleasantly spicy. As you may have noticed, all the hot dishes came with rice. Rice never goes to waste in our household, with me always happy to eat it. :)

Jaeyuk pokkum with chicken

I also got us a garden salad. Buried underneath the slices of tomato, cucumber and corn kernels is finely shredded red and white cabbage.

Garden salad

It was a good meal, with leftovers for the next day’s bento. :)

My plate minus salad

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