Tuesday bento and J’s Japanese takeaway lunch

I boiled eggs and defrosted hoi sin chicken wingettes on Monday night so we could have them in our bento boxes on Tuesday. Jac’s two bento box tiers are on the left, mine on the right.

Our bento lunches

I put together a salad of cos lettuce, rocket, spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms and corn kernels. I used a cookie cutter to make these carrot hearts for Jac’s bento. The bottom tiers of these particular bento boxes hold a really decent amount of salad. The sauce bottles (they have soy sauce in them) are designed by Shinzi Katoh. I love his work. Visit his UK site and see why! You can get the sauce bottles from I Love Obento.

Jac's bento - bottom tier

I placed Jac’s chicken wingettes on a bed of English spinach and made a food divider out of the plastic carton the strawberries came in.

Jac's bento - top tier with note

I made myself a carrot star using a star-shaped cookie cutter (it didn’t seem right to make myself hearts! :)). I had to cut vertical slices out of the side of the carrot to be able to use the heart and star cookie cutters; they were too big to use on round horizontally sliced carrot (hope that makes sense). I used my fish egg shaper on my hard-boiled egg. I think the bunny egg shaper was more successful than the fish. For instructions and information on where to buy egg shapers, see my recent post Hard-boiled egg makes woman squeal. You may notice I have snow pea sprouts in my salad but Jac doesn’t have any in hers; I’m sure I’ve mentioned before she doesn’t like snow pea sprouts.

My bento - bottom tier

I placed my chicken on a bed of rocket.

My bento - top tier

My workmate J went to Sushi@Royal and got herself some takeaway for her lunch. She had some salmon sushi – unfortunately, the rice was on the mushy side. I’ve also had mushy sushi rice a few times when I’ve eaten Sushi@Royal’s sushi. I think their hot dishes and salads are pretty good, but I’d stay away from the sushi, A shame, really, seeing as their name is Sushi@Royal.

Salmon sushi

A cup of miso soup:

Miso soup

And a chicken and pasta salad, with teriyaki dressing. I haven’t tried this one yet – it looks pretty good. Could use more chicken though.

Chicken pasta salad

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