Wednesday bento

In our bento boxes last Wednesday: leftover Original Recipe KFC, which I’d taken off the bone so it would easy and less messy to eat. Cherry tomatoes. KFC sandwiches (“recipe” at the end of this post). A little bread and butter. Corn on the cob. Salad made with leftover cooked vegetables (butternut pumpkin, potato, broccoli) and fresh vegetables (lettuce, mushroom and yellow capsicum).

>Hers and hers Wednesday bento

My bento box:

My Wednesday bento

I threw in a caramel lolly with Jac’s lunch.

Jac's Wednesday bento

Here’s the note I put in Jac’s bento box. Technically, “Hump Day” would be more correctly represented if “Weekend” was actually “Friday”. I guess I got a little ahead of myself there. :)

Wednesday bento note for Jac

TFP’s KFC sandwiches
This is just one of my many versions of leftover KFC or any cold cooked chook sandwiches.

Take the chicken meat and skin off the bone, tear or slice roughly into bite-sized strips and place into a bowl.
Add mayonnaise, wholegrain mustard and season with freshly cracked black pepper to taste.
I used a ratio of approximately 3:1 mayo to mustard.

Cut crusts off two slices of bread.
Spread butter or margarine thinly but evenly on both slices of bread.
Spread the KFC mix generously on one slice of bread. Top with shredded lettuce.
Spread mashed avocado on the other slice of bread. Combine the two halves to make a sandwich.
Cut into two to make mini sandwiches if desired.

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