Thursday bento

I cooked up a batch of fried rice for bento last Wednesday evening after I had my dinner.

Our bento lunches consisted of:

  • Fried rice (with turkey SPAM cubes, green beans, baby corn, onion, garlic and egg, flavoured with Tamari and white pepper, just like the soba noodles we had the previous week)
  • Oven-baked butternut pumpkin.
  • Cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, red capsicum, green beans and steamed broccoli.
  • In Jac’s bento – sliced sirloin steak topped with mushroom sauce. In my bento – mushroom sauce (no steak – having almost “recovered” from eating steak recently, there’s no way I was game to repeat the performance so soon!).
  • In my bento: corn on the cob.

I also packed us some cubes of fresh papaya and watermelon.

Hers and hers bento lunches

I usually pack my lunch in the red bento box and Jac’s in the yellow because the yellow bento box is microwavable; Jac prefers to microwave the dishes that are usually eaten hot, while I am quite happy eating most dishes cold. I do have other microwavable bento boxes on the way though. In fact, I have more new bento boxes and accessories coming up soon – it’s going to be so cool! As I say to Jac, I want to have a good range of bento boxes and accessories to choose from whenever I’m planning and packing our lunches. I’m not ashamed to say it’s all part of the pleasure for me. :)

My bento box

The note I put in Jac’s bento box said: “Guess what? I won a $100 voucher for a restaurant on the radio this morning! :-D See inside for details…”

Jac's bento box

I really did win a radio competition in the morning! It was around quarter past five, while I was making our lunches. Well, I briefly stopped what I was doing to ring in and answer a question on-air to win the prize. Details about the restaurant in a future post, once we’ve used the voucher. :)

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