Friday food

Another non-bento Friday. J and I went to IGA supermarket (Royal Street, East Perth) to have a curry combination for lunch.

I chose a two meat, one vegetable and rice combination. You get a choice of chicken biryani or steamed basmati rice; I chose the biryani. For my meat curries I chose the butter chicken and lamb korma, and for the vegetable curry I chose eggplant.

My large curry combination

J was a little less greedy than me and had the one meat, one vegetable and rice combination. She chose the biryani, butter chicken and dhal.

J's curry combination

We’d both really been in the mood for curry, but unfortunately this meal just didn’t hit the spot somehow. For starters, the chicken was very tender but the butter chicken sauce wasn’t as rich and tasty as it has been previously. I tasted a faint scorched flavour in the lamb, and couldn’t get that taste out of my mouth for ages afterwards – very annoying. I tried to drown it out with a cuppa, and then a mandarin, and then a lemon-flavoured jube. The eggplant curry was probably the best of the lot for me (yes – I’m sure you have noticed, it is extremely oily!).

Jac and I had planned to go out for dinner that evening, but inevitably we were both tired at the end of the working week and couldn’t be bothered. Jac had gone to the butcher’s in the afternoon, so she picked up some chicken kiev rissoles for dinner, which she served with vegies. She’d bought these potato microwavers that she wanted to try out, and they worked really well. We also had grilled eggplant and stir-fried green beans and brussels sprouts. I still don’t like brussels sprouts. They just have this socky smell to them that I find unpleasant.

Chicken kiev rissoles and vegetables/div>

The rissoles don’t taste like chicken Kiev at all, but they’re tasty enough. Maybe a little on the salty side, but I like salty.

Chicken kiev rissole innards

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