Bacon and egg bagel

We had bacon and egg bagels for breakfast last Saturday morning.

Jac toasted and lightly buttered the bagels and fried the bacon and eggs. A little tomato sauce – perfect!

Bacon and egg bagel with tomato sauce

Jac used egg rings to keep the eggs neat and round. She cooked the eggs so that the yolks weren’t hard or powdery, but they weren’t runny either; they were soft and gooey and a beautiful vivid orange. Sorry I didn’t get a photo of the yolk – I’m dedicated to my food photography, but sometimes I have to just eat, you know?

Bacon and egg bagel with tomato sauce

Toasted bagel sandwiches are hard work to eat! They were hard work to bite as well as chew. But they were delicious.

Bacon and egg bagel with tomato sauce

I may be running a little late with posts over the weekend and early next week. We’re having a short break away this weekend, staying at a nice hotel – more details in a future post, of course. There should be some good eating and hopefully a little room service! :)

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