Weekend curry combination

We’re back! It was only a short getaway, but we really enjoyed spending the time together without thinking about our usual weekend chores, like grocery shopping and doing the dishes. We ate some delicious food – I’m in the process of uploading the photos and writing up the posts. In the meantime, I have plenty of posts to share with you. Here’s one!

Last Sunday arvo Jac grabbed us some takeaway curry from Spencer Village. I can’t remember the name of the stall – it’s the one of the end that has “Orchard Road” on its sign. They make the best and most authentic satay that you can buy at Spencer’s. On my plate (starting from the vegies and moving clockwise) – vegetables (carrots, green beans and cabbage) cooked in curry and coconut milk, beef rendang, a kind of deep-fried dumpling that was filled with mashed potato, a curry puff, a succulent piece of curry chicken thigh, and of course, steamed rice in the middle. I was at home cooking the rice while Jac was out getting the curry to eat with it. :)

Curry combination

I love curry puffs, and this one was delicious, with a surprising bite! This photo’s for you, Su-Lin! Heheheheh.

Curry puff close-up

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