Another birthday at work

It was C’s birthday last Friday, and she bought a selection of sweets from Crown Caffii (formerly Le Croissant on the Cove, Shop 24 108 Royal St East Perth) to share for afternoon tea.

There was a cannoli, a chocolate eclair, a chocolate sponge slice, a florentine and a chocolate hedgehog slice (under the florentine).

A box of sweet goodies

The chocolate sponge slice was lovely – soft, fluffy sponge cake with chocolate mousse and coffee cream.

Chocolate sponge slice

The eclair was filled with custard and cream and was lovely. The cannoli had custard in it too. We cut the pastries and cakes into smaller pieces so that everyone could try a little bit of a few or all items. Between the nine or so of us (a few people were on leave) we tried our best but still couldn’t finish everything! :-P

Cream and custard-filled eclair

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