Breakfast at Ba Ba Black

I met my friend C for breakfast last Friday, at Ba Ba Black (Shop 25, 60 Royal St – Cnr Plain St, next to The Royal pub). It was a chilly morning and we were among the first customers that day, arriving at a little past 7am. It didn’t take long for the cafe to soon be filled with happy coffee drinkers and big breakfast eaters. There seemed to be quite a few orders of scrambled eggs on toast that morning and lots of happy sounds – knives sawing through toast with general cutlery-on-plate clinky noises and of course the coffee machine, non-stop in the background.

C ordered the Ba Ba Benedict (AU$17.50) – two poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce, served on smoked salmon and spinach on toasted Turkish bread. C found the Turkish bread really difficult to cut but really enjoyed her meal – the eggs were cooked perfectly with gooey, soft yolks, and there was a generous amount of smoked salmon and spinach. With all the garnish, spinach and salmon, I thought the dish looked sort of wet and unappealing, but hey, I’ve never been a fan of eggs Benedict or smoked salmon. C loved it, which is the main thing. :)

Ba Ba Benedict

I’d just like to begin by declaring that I don’t eat such huge breakfasts very often, so please, hold the lectures! :) I ordered the The Entire Breakfast (AU$17.50) – eggs (I chose scrambled), toast, bacon, sausages, tomato and mushrooms. The eggs were soft and creamy, served practically flowing off two slices of thickly cut toast. Like C, I also struggled to saw through my bread. I didn’t end up finishing the toast – it was way too thick and, with all the other things, just way waaaay too much bread. The bacon was really great, with a perfect amount of fat to meat. I ate it all. The sausages were meaty, the tomatoes sweet and soft but not too mushy, and the mushrooms were seasoned well and very tasty. The eggs would probably be on the border of too runny for some people, but I didn’t mind them. They were very nice with a little black pepper.

The Entire Breakfast

I had English breakfast tea with soy milk (AU$4.70) to wash it all down. This was one of the most filling breakfasts I’ve had in a while, and I waddled back to the office afterwards. C wasn’t kidding when she told me beforehand that the serves were huge! I found myself wishing I could just curl up under the doona for the rest of the morning until tummy growled once more. I think we both felt decidedly dozey, sitting at our desks back at our separate work places – C, am I right? :) It was great catching up. These days I get so busy I don’t catch up with friends as often as I probably should.


We have a busy weekend coming up with two family events (which, you will be pleased to know, will involve food, perhaps even voracious feasting!) and the state election (voting on Saturday morning). Jac has a party to attend on Saturday evening, but I have a date with the TV – I always watch the election count on TV on election night – I loooooove watching the election count. It’s sort of like watching sport – you like it to be close so it’s exciting and worth watching, but you’d like your team to win in the end. :) Landslide elections (like whitewashes or drubbings in sport) are very boring to watch (the federal election was a disappointment in this respect – the outcome was determined way too quickly/early!).

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