Jac’s Thursday bento, my Noodlebox lunch

I was in the mood for something from Noodlebox for lunch on Thursday, but I packed Jac a bento lunch.

I gave her basically the same lunch as I’d had the day before: meatballs and ranch dip, salad, marinated mushrooms and watermelon. I also packed her a mini Babybel cheese and some bread and butter (not pictured). A couple of people have asked me about the marinated mushrooms – they were leftover from this broccoli and marinated mushroom salad Jac made recently.

Jac's Thursday bento

Here’s a close-up of the note I wrote for her bento box.

The bento note close-up

I realised I hadn’t used the dog food pick yet, so here it is, stuck in a meatball.

Meatballs with dog food pick

J and I both got noodles from Noodlebox. We both chose to design our own noodles – when you walk into the store, in the corner on your right is a touchscreen that allows you to design your own order. It’s really easy to use, and when you’ve made your selections, it prints out your order on a slip of paper, which you bring up to the counter so you can place the order and pay for it. J chose flat rice noodles in oyster sauce with double broccoli, char siu (BBQ pork, though for some stupid reason Noodlebox insists on calling it roast pork).

J's Noodlebox lunch

I chose thick egg noodles in oyster sauce, with chicken, broccoli, snow peas, onion, fish cake and tofu. It was really tasty, and while I was happy with the amount of chicken and tofu in the stir-fry, I wasn’t impressed with getting just one piece of broccoli for 50 cents – I see now why J had ordered double broccoli! I’d also asked for mild chilli, but there appeared to be none. Still, they were the yummiest noodles I’d eaten from Noodlebox so far and I really enjoyed them. We both ordered the smaller sized boxes and were extremely full when we were done.

My Noodlebox lunch

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