Wednesday bento – a picnic in the sunshine

Jac didn’t need bento last Wednesday, so this is what I packed for myself.

I used the two-box combo again. French toast and fresh fruit (strawberries and watermelon), meatballs with ranch dressing for dipping, marinated mushrooms (leftover from the broccoli salad we had on Monday night), and salad with a couple of leftover potato wedges which I cut roughly into cubes.

My Wednesday bento

Bento salad close-up

These were meatballs Jac set aside from our JIM dinner the night before. I placed the last of the marinated mushrooms in a mini cupcake silicone cup. I packed the meatballs and mushrooms on a bed of lettuce leaves to give them a little extra height so they’d look better for their photos. Since my sauce container had an elephant on it, I chose an elephant food pick to match.

Meatballs close-up

I love French toast hot or cold (this time, I ate it cold). For me, it’s a sneaky tasty way to boof up a meal and get some extra protein as well.

French toast and fruit

At lunch time, J, C and I decided we’d sit outdoors in the sunshine. We stopped at Punch (4/135 Royal Street, East Perth) so they could buy baguettes for their lunch.

C chose a ham and Swiss cheese baguette which looked really good.

Ham and Swiss cheese baguette

But I was most taken with J’s hard-boiled egg baguette, which was absolutely loaded with egg. According to J, the egg mix had butter and a little mayo in it. It wasn’t curried egg (C and I both love curried egg, and were interested to know if it was).

Hard-boiled egg baguette

It was a lovely picnic lunch. The meatballs were so delicious dipped in ranch dressing! I am so hanging out for warmer weather and bright, sunny days. But of course once the heat sets in I’ll be wishing for cooler weather (can’t win, really! :)).

Bento on the grass

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