Friday bento – sandwiches

I packed our lunches in the Decor Tellfresh Quarters lunch boxes last Friday. I made us four different sandwiches: smoked chicken, spinach and mashed avocado; Swiss cheese and brinjal pickle (plus sliced red onion for Jac); curried hard-boiled egg with cucumber; tuna and mayonnaise mix with lettuce. I packed us each half a hard-boiled egg on which I cracked a little fresh black pepper. I placed the half egg on a bed of salad – cos lettuce, snow peas and red capsicum. Note: “recipe” for curried egg mix is in the comments. Enjoy!

Sandwich bento on Friday

I’d tossed cubes of rockmelon in a bowl with chopped fresh apple mint from our garden. I made a fruit compartment with the rockmelon and some strawberries. And I packed Jac a little sweet bonus – a little paper cup filled with Smarties. :)

Jac's bento box

A little birdy has told me it’s Cinmy’s 20th birthday today! Happy birthday, Cinmy. Hope you get to eat something delicious!

Happy 20th birthday, Cinmy!

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