Vanilla slice

My workmate J recently bought herself a vanilla slice (AU$2.50) from Punch (Unit 4, 135 Royal St, East Perth). She kindly allowed me to photograph it before she sank her teeth into it. They aren’t the largest vanilla slices we’ve seen – J has quite small hands, and the vanilla slice was about as long as her thumb, which is not very long at all. J reckons a good vanilla slice should be roughly the size of her palm, which this wasn’t. J told me her nail polish is by “A oui bit of red” by OPI. She said there’s a pinky red OPI polish called “My chihuahua bites”. I don’t use nail polish, but what cool names!

Vanilla slice with a hand to indicate size

Luckily, despite its small size, the vanilla slice was most enjoyable, with moist icing, and soft, creamy custard.

Vanilla slice

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And I’ve also caught up on responding to comments (sorry it took so long!) Thank you, everyone, for your continued support for this site! I still have a few emails to get to. I figure my replies may take longer, but at least you get a proper response, not a quick and impersonal one. :)

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