Update on the Hyatt

Thanks for all your comments and interest in my posts about our recent stay at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Perth.

I sent a letter to the Hyatt Regency Hotel Perth, dated 24th August, describing my disappointments and experience. I received an impressively prompt response from the general manager of the hotel, dated 28th August. It was a very detailed response, which:

  • addressed each of the specific concerns I had described in my letter
  • acknowledged and apologised for our disappointment and for certain shortcomings on the hotel’s part
  • described the actions that had been taken to investigate how some of the mishaps had occurred, including speaking with relevant staff members
  • promised to take further action to rectify a number of issues I mentioned, including a review and update of the in-room dining menu and information to address issues of inaccuracy and consistency
  • ended with an offer of an upgrade to an Executive Spa Suite the next time we stay at the hotel.

All in all, I was very happy with the way in which my complaint was handled. It’s good to be able to have your say and feel that your concerns are being listened to and taken seriously.

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