One delicious pizza, one smelly pizza

Recently, Jac had a hankering for pizza. We each chose a pizza and got some garlic bread (not pictured).

This was my choice – the “Special” (it’s not a special, its name is actually “Special”) – ham, pepperoni, bacon, fresh tomato, onion, pineapple – and we asked for extra mushrooms. I hate how when you ask for and pay for extra mushrooms it looks as though they’ve finely sliced up a single mushroom and spread it over the whole pizza. I’m yet to order extra mushrooms from any pizza place and actually feel satisfied with how much they put on the pizza. I’m not asking or expecting heavy mushroom – just a decent amount of mushroom, enough so that I don’t have to actively search for it on the pizza.

Special pizza

Jac ordered the seafood pizza, which was topped with fresh tomato, smoked mussels, squid, prawns and garlic. This pizza was smelly! It was the smoked mussels! The prawns weren’t smelly but they were those horrible little rubbery tinned ones which Jac inexplicably likes. I had a bite but didn’t like this pizza at all. It was literally a bite – I passed the slice with one bite taken out of it back to Jac – yuck! Generally speaking, I do like seafood, but most definitely not on pizza! Actually, no – let me correct myself – I reckon I’d quite like a pizza topped with fresh bursty king prawns and fresh pieces of fish, with plenty of onion and garlic. The important thing was that Jac enjoyed it. I think she was stoked when she realised she’d have this pizza all to herself (lots of leftovers just for her the next day!).

Seafood pizza

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