Spicy sausages, BBQ sauce, mushrooms and salad

Shredded cabbage, carrot and capsicum, which I dressed lightly in Paul Newman’s own light lime vinaigrette.

Shredded cabbage, carrot and capsicum with lime vinaigrette

A simple salad of cos lettuce, snow peas and cherry tomatoes.


This bread comes from Bakers Delight and is called the “Continental Hungarian Roll”. It’s topped with a crusty layer of cheese and is unbelievably soft and fluffy in the centre when fresh.

Cheesy bread

Jac had bought these plump spicy Italian-style sausages from the butcher. They were delicious – meaty with little bits of chopped chilli in them and oozing chilli oil when you cut into them. They were really spicy – I definitely needed the bread, the smokey barbecue sauce and salad to help cool my mouth down. Jac also fried up some button mushrooms in the pan with the sausages. It was a tasty meal.

Spicy sausages, BBQ sauce, mushrooms and salad

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