Tuesday food

Lunch: chicken karaage set from Sushi@Royal (131 Royal St, East Perth). The chicken karaage set was one of the first meals I ever bought for lunch since I began working in East Perth. It was just as yummy this time around. The rice was topped with a very light sprinkling of toasted black sesame seeds and was the perfect consistency for eating with chopsticks. The salad was very simple – shredded cabbage and lettuce, sliced tomato and cucumber, with a generous blob of mayonnaise which I like to dip my chicken in. The lightly battered fried chicken was really juicy, with a strong flavour of ginger. It was maybe a little on the greasy side, but really tasty.

Chicken karaage set

Dinner: a simple curry made with chicken, vegetables (broccolini, carrot, sweet potato and onions), korma curry paste out of a jar and a little light coconut milk. A very quick-to-cook, mild but tasty curry.

Chicken and vegetable korma with rice

Yep, that was two meals featuring chicken on the same day. I love chicken!

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