Breakfast of batter

We recently had breakfast at the Crepe Cafe at Carousel Shopping Centre food hall. They do savoury and sweet crepes, American style pancake stacks, waffles, ice cream and coffee.

Jac ordered the breakfast special – you get a savoury cheese crepe with bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomato and baked beans, and a cup of coffee or tea for AU$9.95. The bacon and mushrooms, along with cheese and spring onions, were folded up in the crepe. We tasted straight away that the baked beans weren’t Heinz – not a major drama, but our favourite baked beans are Heinz – I find other brands just aren’t as good in flavour and texture. Jac thought her breakfast was okay, but I don’t think she’ll be rushing back to repeat the experience.

Breakfast special

All I felt like was plain waffles with maple syrup. At the Crepe Cafe, the waffle items on the menu include the Traditional, which comes with maple syrup, ice cream and fresh cream; Strawberry Fields, which comes with strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream; Banana Bender, with sliced fresh banana, chocolate sauce, ice cream and fresh cream; and Mixed Berry Fields, which comes with mixed berries, (you guessed it) ice cream and whipped cream. They all sounded nice, but I just wanted the basic waffles and syrup. The waffles had lovely deep squares for holding the syrup. My standard criticism of waffles and pancakes applied in this case – there was no syrup at all on section of the waffle that was covered by the top waffle. If it were me pouring the syrup, I’d place one waffle on the plate first, pour the syrup over that one waffle, then place the second waffle on top and then pour more syrup. They charged us AU$7.90 – which is the price of the Traditional. A bit pricey for plain old waffles and maple syrup, I thought. The waffles hit the spot (though they could’ve been crisper on the edges), as I was really craving a bit of batter and syrup, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to pay almost $4 a waffle.

Waffles with maple syrup

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