Two dinners featuring chicken

This was a recent Thursday night dinner, takeaway from the shops: a Pavarotti pie from Jesters and a chicken low GI salad from Sumo Salad. The chicken low GI salad is my current favourite from Sumo – it’s got tasty bits I love – crisp cos lettuce, grilled sliced chicken, sundried tomatoes and Danish fetta, which is so pleasurably creamy and salty. According to Sumo Salad, this particular salad’s been their Number 1 since its introduction in 2003. I didn’t get through the whole chicken salad, and ended up eating the rest for breakfast the next day (yes, salad for breakfast).

Jesters Pavarotti pie and Sumo Chicken Low GI salad

The Pavarotti pie’s filling is skin-free chicken with bacon and mushrooms in an Italian-style cheese sauce. It was very tasty, but I must say a noticeably lacking in chicken, bacon and mushrooms. The filling consisted most of the cheese sauce. It was thick and tasty, but I was disappointed with the lack of chicken. My favourite part of the pie was the pastry. I know some people who don’t like Jesters pies precisely because of the pastry, but it’s what I like best about them – it’s more chewy and flaky (less messy to eat than a traditional pie), and, according to Jesters, made from pastry shortening that contains less than 1% trans fats.

Jesters Pavarotti pie

And another dinner featuring chicken – a chicken noodle stir-fry, which Jac flavoured with sriracha chilli sauce. Plenty of chicken chunks, Chinese green vegetable, carrots and onion. I stirred soy sauce through the noodles before eating, and they were very good indeed.

Chicken noodle stir-fry

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