Collaborative lunch of leftovers

Last Monday afternoon at work, J said she’d be making roasted vegetable soup that evening. She said she’d bring some in for her lunch the next day and could bring me some too, if I liked. I suggested I bring leftover pizza for both of us so that we could have pizza and soup for our lunch on Tuesday. We’ve done leftover pizza and homemade soup for lunch before (see this previous post, including J’s soup recipe).

I brought in two slices of Russian and the last slice of 7 Meats. We cut the slice of 7 Meats carefully into two so it was all fair and square. Or is that fair and triangular (or fair and pie-shaped)? Heheheh.

Pizza shared with J

The soup was thick and tasty. We heated up the soup but ate the pizza cold. Soup and pizza (and food-loving and -sharing workmates) make a great lunch combo.

Roasted vegetable soup

What favourite leftover foods/combos you enjoy for lunch? I love cold fried rice, as you know. My other favourite, which I’ve featured before is good old KFC, mayo and mustard mix which I make sandwiches with (see a previous post featuring KFC sandwiches and ‘recipe’).*

*Yes, minimike! I must must try your suggestion of leftover KFC and potato and gravy pie, topped with puff pastry!

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