Wednesday wings bento

Sometime ago, we marinated a batch of chicken wingettes in roasted garlic teriyaki sauce. They’d been in a bag in the freezer; Jac thawed them out and then cooked them up for bento last Tuesday night. I packed us four wingettes each, three in a compartment on a bed of shredded savoy cabbage, and one squished in with the rest of the salad (shredded cos lettuce and savoy cabbage, mushrooms, red capcisum and carrots). I packed us each strawberries and sliced orange. The chicken was delicious – tender, salty and garlicky – a perfect partner to the fresh, crisp salad and sweet, juicy fruit.

Wednesday bento lunches

The little apple with a smiley face is a Shinzi Katoh dip/mayonnaise container I bought from ILoveObento sometime ago. I put aioli (garlic mayonnaise) in it. To open the little apple, you hold onto the little green worm that sticks out and give it a bit of a twist. See this Flickr photo taken by someone else if you’d like a look at an opened apple. Be warned though – when I washed the apple for the first time, one of its eyes wiped right off! I didn’t scrub especially hard nor did I use particularly potent cleaning products; I didn’t even use very hot water. It was a little disappointing, to say the least.

My Wednesday bento lunch

I ran out of the coloured paper I usually write my bento notes for Jac on, so I used lined notebook paper instead. But to compensate for the crappier paper, I coloured the doodle. :)

The note I wrote for Jac's bento

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