Monday bento – lamb cutlets and salad with bacon bits

Jac cooked up some French lamb cutlets last Sunday so I would have them ready to pack in our bento boxes for lunch on Monday. She flavoured the lamb with celery salt, garlic powder and herbs, and cooked them in a fry pan.

So here’s my bento box. Right: three lamb cutlets on a bed of mixed salad greens. Left: salad (mixed greens, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, baby roma tomatoes, cucumber and bacon bits) and fruit (watermelon and orange). We bought the salad greens with julienne carrot and beetroot in one of those pre-washed salad bags from Woolworths. The bacon bits were just a rasher of bacon left over from the weekend, which I chopped into bits, to add a little something extra to the salad. :)

My Monday bento

I packed the same lunch for Jac, except that I also gave her a container of sauces for her lamb – aioli and mint jelly. Jac loved this lunch. She gave a big thumbs up to the inclusion of the two sauces and the bacon bits. I knew she’d love those items.

Jac's Monday bento

And of course, I wrote her a note. The answer to the question on the note is “No”. It was very hot for a few days, but it’s since gotten cool again.

Jac's bento note

I just love these tiny, perfect lamb cutlets. Jac always cooks them to medium so they are beautifully, unbelievably tender – a pale pink on the inside but not at all bloody (blood doesn’t gross me out because it’s blood – I just don’t like the taste of it). This is probably one of the most pricey cuts of lamb you can buy, but it’s so worth it. I love picking a cutlet up by the bone and munching away. These ones smelled wonderful, of lamb and garlic. Yum. I could’ve just walked around holding one of these to my nose, breathing in their delicious savoury aroma all day (though they may not have smelled quite so good after a whole day, and I’d have looked like a weirdo!).

My lamb cutlets

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