Tuesday bento – herbed nuggets and salad

I was really tired last Tuesday morning. As it turned out, we had two of the hottest October days on record in Western Australia that week- the hottest in 40-something years, in fact. We left a window open to let the cool night breeze in, but unfortunately, there was a hole in the flyscreen and the mosquitoes came flying through. Mozzies never seem to bite Jac, but they feast on me like you wouldn’t believe (any of you have this problem? I’ve read somewhere that mozzies love biting people who don’t drink alcohol – that’s me, I don’t drink any alcohol). Pretty soon, I was eaten alive by them. Jac wrapped my itchy bitten legs and arms with wet towels, and that’s how I slept for the rest of the night. Pixel wasn’t impressed at all. She likes to snuggle up to me at night – she kept poking gingerly at the wet towels with a paw, looking most perplexed.

I still managed to pack our bento lunches in the morning. Aren’t they colourful? As well as the lamb cutlets, Jac had cooked up some homemade herbed chicken nuggets on Sunday afternoon for bento. I served them with salad (mixed greens, cucumber, carrot sticks, baby roma tomatoes, mushrooms, sugar snap peas and more bacon bits) and watermelon cubes and prunes. I also packed Jac a little piece of cheese – this one was double Gloucester, I think – and a mystery cube wrapped in Alfoil – a piece of peanut butter fudge.

Two Tuesday bento lunches

The chicken was tender and very tasty, even when eaten cold.

Herbed chicken nugget close-up

My bento note to Jac expressed my appreciation for her tending to my mozzie bites the previous night. :)

Jac's bento note

I used one of my new vegetable cutters, bought from JBox, to make the cucumber flowers. The animal food picks are new ones from JBox too.

My Tuesday bento

If you’re interested, you can buy:
Vegetable shaper assortment set (featuring four designs – sakura (cherry blossom), Plum, Maple Leaf, Chrysanthemum)
Pittato animal lunch picks (featuring two of each: little elephant, yellow monkey, red koala, tree trunk, little strong man, and blue baby seal)
JBox appear to be currently out of stock of the food pick set featuring the little cat and dog.

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