Monday bento – tuna potato balls, salad and fruit

I packed us tuna potato balls, cooked by Jac on the weekend, for bento on Monday. This was my first chance to use some of my new animal food picks, which I bought from JBox. I included a container of sriracha chilli sauce for Jac to dip her tuna balls into, and tomato ketchup for myself. We were out of lettuce so I chopped up some savoy cabbage and used that in the salad, with carrot, red capsicum, cherry tomato and cucumber. That savoy cabbage tasted great raw – Jac really enjoyed it too. You may notice bits of chopped green bean and peas in the tuna balls – I especially enjoyed the green beans, as they added a lovely crunch to the balls. Oh – and once again, Jac sneaked a little stealth fibre in – she added psyllium husks to the potato and tuna mixture. I couldn’t taste the psyllium – I just happened to see her tipping some into the mixture when she thought I wasn’t looking. :)

Monday bento lunches

With the strawberries I packed papaya cubes. I used the orange bear and blue monkey picks in the strawberries in these photos, but in to be honest, they didn’t work too well in the strawberries – as their pointy ends are shaped like curved pincers, they didn’t stay embedded in the strawberries. I’ll have to experiment with them and see what foods they work best with. The cat and dog food picks worked very well with the tuna balls, though.

My Monday bento

Here’s Jac’s bento note.

Jac's bento note: Goodness, gracious, great balls of tuna!

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