SPAM and macaroni stir-fry

I cooked this quick dinner for Jac and myself last Tuesday night: a stir-fry featuring SPAM, onion, mushrooms, green beans, cherry tomatoes and macaroni. I fried the SPAM cubes with chopped onion in the wok first, then added the mushrooms and green beans when the SPAM and onion were nicely browned, the SPAM with slightly crisp edges. The whole point of this dish was to use up the leftover cooked macaroni we had in a container the fridge. I love to stir-fry leftover pasta! I poured a little soy sauce over the macaroni – still in its container – then stirred it all through and let it sit like that for a few minutes while I added the cherry tomatoes to the wok. By the time the cherry tomatoes were soft but not yet disintegrated, I added the now soy-soaked macaroni to the rest of the ingredients in the wok. After a little more stir-frying, a final ingredient was added, just before serving – a drizzle of sesame oil. I didn’t actually add any other seasoning to the dish; the pasta was salty enough from the soy sauce, and the SPAM is of course, pretty salty anyway. I think the vegetables took in some of the pasta’s soy sauce and the SPAM’s flavour – this dish was just how I like meals I cook to be: simple to prepare, quick to cook, and tasty to eat.

SPAM and macaroni stir-fry

We both enjoyed this simple dinner, and I had the last of it for breakfast the next morning. It’s so satisfying when you can really enjoy a meal you cooked – twice!

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