Takeaway Chinese dinner

Jac was a little stressed out on the Thursday night before the long weekend (geez, I really am running behind, aren’t I?), busily getting things ready for her weekend away with her hockey friends. We went to the shops to do a little shopping, and then grabbed some takeaway for a quick dinner.

I haven’t eaten much from the Chinese stall at the Carousel Shopping Centre food hall, since it changed from Sun Sun to Chinese Canton. They do offer dishes like fried kway teow, Singapore noodles (yes, yes, I know there is no such dish in Singapore! That just appears to be the name they use for curried stir-fried bee hoon here in Perth) and mee goreng, but they make you choose a protein for your noodles: chicken, beef or seafood (or you can have vegetarian). It’s just not right eating char kway teow with just one type of meat in it. Am I wrong? :)

I had the Singapore noodles (I guess I could just call it “fried curry noodles” or something like that?) with chicken. They were delicious, and they did give me a good amount of chicken and egg, but just as it was with Sun Sun, the bok choy was grossly overcooked and stringy.

Singapore noodles

Jac had the fried kway teow with beef. It was saucy and tasty, but she too, missed the other delicious bits and pieces that you get in kway teow – the fish cake, the Chinese sausage, prawns, chicken, pork etc.

Fried kway teow with beef

Hmmm, jury’s still out on Chinese Canton. Don’t know if I’ll be all that keen to order from them too soon.

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