Lunch bag giveaway winner, special offer and the wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who entered the oilcloth lunchbag giveaway!
86 people entered the draw by leaving a comment in response to the question: “what is the most exotic or unusual thing you’ve eaten?”

All eligible entries were given a number, and my “barrel girl” Jac selected a number at random to determine the winner.

The winner of the lunchbag giveaway is Carmen, from Michigan, USA. Carmen’s most exotic and unusual foods included cow stomach filled with beef and rice, cooked in a broth with chickpeas, and sheep intestine with rice and chickpeas. Congratulations, Carmen!

***Special offer for TFP readers, available for a limited time***
For those of you who didn’t win, if you’d still like to have your very own oilcloth lunch bag, you can still visit RickRackQueen’s shop and get one for yourself! Order a lunch bag from RickRackQueen by 20th October 2008, include the phrase “TFP sent me

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