Thursday bento – beef sausages, salad, French toast

Jac didn’t need to take lunch to work last Thursday – her boss had said he’d shout lunch* for the team (lucky her!). But she cooked me up a batch of beef chipolatas so I’d have protein for my bento box. For me, that’s the tricky part – working out what protein to have for bento. Everything else is easy to throw together at the last minute, but the protein (whether meat, fish, egg or even tofu – which I am yet to feature as a bento protein) requires a little effort/planning/cooking beforehand.

So, in my bento box’s top tier: four beef chipolatas on a bed of mixed greens, with smokey barbecue sauce for dipping, and a side dish of corn kernels and chopped green beans and dill pickles. In the deeper bottom tier, strawberries and French toast, with a container of maple syrup for dipping the French toast into.

My bento lunch

The little beef sausages had an Asiany sort of flavour to them; I could taste chilli and lemongrass – not sure where Jac got them. To avoid staining the little heart-shaped food cup, I squeezed the pickles in paper towel to extract as much of the yellow juice from them as possible, before mixing them with the corn and beans. After taking the photos, I wrapped the barbecue sauce and corn/pickle/bean medley securely with GLAD wrap so there’d be no leaks or spillage on the way to work (and there were none!).

Sausages on a bed of mixed greens, smokey barbecue sauce, and corn kernel, green beans and dill pickle medley

Sometimes I just wake up feeling like French toast. It’s good that it’s so quick and easy to make. I made the French toast first, so it would be able to cool down while I assembled the rest of my lunch. I ate the French toast cold at lunch time as a dessert, dipping each piece into maple syrup. Yummy!

Strawberries, French toast, maple syrup

The winner of the lunch bag has been drawn! I’ll be posting a wrap-up of the giveaway and announcing the winner this evening after work!

*When someone “shouts” lunch it means they’re buying/paying/treating you. You can “shout” just about anything – dinner, drinks, burgers, movie tickets. For example:
Person A: Wanna go to the movies?
Person B: Nah, I’m broke.
Person A: That’s not a problem, it’ll be my shout.
Person B: Aw, thanks! Let’s go!

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