Barbecue chicken, stuffing and salad

I didn’t feel like doing much cooking last Monday night, so I picked up a barbecue chicken from a supermarket on the way home. I threw some fresh vegetables together – not really a salad – to eat with the chicken.

I ate the thigh and drumstick, – my favourite parts of the chicken – skin on, with a wing and a scoop of stuffing.

Barbecue chicken, stuffing and salad

Barbecue chooks can be dripping with oil, but this one wasn’t. Perhaps it was because I bought it at the end of the day and the chicken was a little dried out. It was still delicious though – very well seasoned. The drumstick was a little dry (as you can probably see in the photos), but the thigh meat was very tender.

Barbecue chicken, stuffing and salad

You know, since I’ve been posting many bento lunches featuring raw mushrooms, I’ve had emails and comments from people who tell me they couldn’t possibly eat mushrooms raw – more than a couple of people have described the taste of raw mushrooms as being like styrofoam! I guess it’s all a matter of taste – I always loved eating mushrooms, raw or cooked.

I’ve had a nice day off today with Jac. We both return to work tomorrow. You know what she brought from Sydney Airport for my younger sister Juji, her boyfriend Jay and me (of course me! :))? A box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! It’s a thrill for us poor Western Australians -we’re still a non-Krispy Kreme state. I know many sweet-toothed people whose friends and family from over east always fly in bearing Krispy Kremes. I don’t necessarily think they are the best doughnuts in the world, but I do enjoy them very much! :D

I’m so happy to have Jac home, but it feels weird somehow. I think I got used to waiting for her to come home. :) Quite interestingly, I think she was really missing cooking in our kitchen. She got busy this afternoon and made a big pot of bolognese sauce using lamb mince. I know you don’t usually make bolognese sauce with lamb mince, but it was really really tasty. The photos will appear in a future post, of course. And now I shall go and spend some more time with her. Heheheh.

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