Black forest birthday cake

It was my workmate R’s birthday last Monday. She brought a black forest cake in for morning tea.

It looked pretty good, but I had no idea just how good it would be!

Black forest cake

The chocolate sponge was soft and fluffy, but the best thing about this cake was that the layer of cherries in the middle wasn’t overly soggy. I’ve eaten many a black forest cake that’s just too soggy in the middle because of that cherry layer. The sponge, the cream and cherries were beautifully balanced – there was just the perfect amount of everything. I could’ve just sucked the cream out of the whole cake though! (If any of my workmates read this, I’m sure they will think “ewwwww!”)

Black forest cake slice

The team got through around two-thirds of the cake, and some of us had seconds the next day. And I believe a couple of cake-loving people even had thirds on the day after that!

Black forest cake

The QANTAS website tells me Jac’s plane has landed at Perth airport. She will be home very very soon. :)

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