Monday bento – chai tow kway, oyster sauce vegetables with cocktail wieners, fruit

In addition to my takeaway yong tow foo, I bought a serve of chai tow kway (also known as radish cake, or carrot cake – see Wikipedia entry on chai tow kway) from Fook Kee at Spencer Village. I thought it would be perfect for a bento lunch. To go with the chai tow kway, I cooked a simple vegetable dish in the morning, with sugar snap peas, broccoli, baby roma tomatoes and sliced cocktail frankfurts, all flavoured with oyster sauce and fresh garlic. For something sweet, I included a bunch of seedless red grapes – grapes are always a sign to me that summer’s on its way* – and orange slices. I loved the colours of this lunch, and as I prepared it, I really looked forward to eating it. To complete my enjoyment, I brought a pair of my favourite blue chopsticks from home to eat my lunch with.

Bento - chai tow kway, oyster sauce vegetables with cocktail wieners, fruit

At lunch time, I took the fruit compartment out of the lunch box before microwaving the other items. The chai tow kway was delicious, but I really really enjoyed my sausage and vegetable dish, especially the oyster sauce-coated garlic and cocktail frankfurts. I’ve loved these Plumrose brand cocktail frankfurts since I was a child. I love eating them hot (zapped in the microwave) and dipped in tomato sauce, or in fried rice with garlic and egg, or in a bowl with corn kernels and Heinz baked beans, zapped so that the baked beans are bubbling hot. I burned my mouth biting into the first hot baby roma tomato – ouch! – I pierced the rest of them with a chopstick to let some of the hot tomato seeds and juice run out before eating them.

From my bento - oyster sauce vegetables with cocktail wieners

Jac returns home tonight. She’s gone away on her own before for similar lengths of time, but on this occasion it felt like a really long time. I must be getting more sooky as I get older (for readers not familiar with the term, see the Urban Dictionary definition of sook, especially the second definition).

*Obviously, summer is on its way, but at the time of posting this, the weather’s gone all cool and rainy again.

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