Bento – sandwiches, salad, fruit, cheese and mini sesame snaps

Since I had leftover barbecue chicken, a bag of rocket and spinach leaves and half a loaf of multigrain bread to use up, I made sandwiches for my bento lunch last Wednesday.

The sandwiches I made were (left to right):

  • Curried barbecue chicken and spinach
  • Chicken, mayonnaise and French mustard and rocket, with a layer of barbecue stuffing
  • Honey leg ham, swiss cheese, spinach and Dijon mustard
  • Panfried sliced mushrooms, corn relish and rocket.

It was easy making the curried chicken mix: I added Keens curry powder to shredded barbecue chicken, with a little mayonnaise to bind it together. You may have noticed that I always line the lunch box with greaseproof paper whenever I make sandwiches – that’s so any mustards, curried fillings or any other brightly coloured spreads – especially those with tomato or tumeric – won’t stain the lunch box. I also add a piece of greaseproof over the sandwiches before I close the lunch box. In this case, a strategically placed piece of greaseproof over the yellow curry chicken sandwich did the trick.

Sandwiches from my bento

I blanched some broccoli and sugar snap peas, and packed baby roma tomatoes, red seedless grapes, a piece of Coon cheddar and a pack of mini sesame snaps.

Bento - sandwiches, salad, fruit, cheese and mini sesame snaps

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