Fish and chips

I got myself fish and chips – well, a seafood basket – from our local fish and chippie for dinner on Tuesday night. In this seafood basket, you get: two pieces of fish, two prawns, two scallops, four squid rings, two crab sticks and of course, chips. I also got myself a pineapple fritter – it’s wrapped in paper on the right in this photo. Pixel gets very excited whenever she sees and smells the paper-wrapped package of fish and chips. It’s Jac’s fault :) – she started Pixel’s love for fish and chips by feeding her fish (batter removed, of course) whenever we have fish and chips for dinner. So when Pixel saw me walk into the lounge with fish and chips, she meowed and danced around and poked me with a paw until I gave her some fish. She had three little rounds of fish, then sat on the couch and gave herself a very contented bath. Billy Lee wandered over, took a look at the fish but was indifferent. Here’s a photo of the cats from an old post. I haven’t posted photos of them recently – maybe I should. :)

Fish and chips (a seafood basket, actually)

Here’s the pineapple fritter. Doesn’t look that impressive, but it was really good – a juicy, sweet pineapple ring covered in batter.

Pineapple fritter

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