Breakfast at Shots

I met up with my friend Chad for breakfast before work last Wednesday. We really enjoyed meeting up for breakfast the last time we got together. Last time was my choice; this time was Chad’s choice: a cafe called Shots Espresso Bar (528 Hay St, Perth).

I had English Breakfast tea with soy milk. I suppose it is a bit of waste when someone like me goes to place called Shots Espresso Bar, as I don’t drink coffee. :) I used to drink a lot of coffee back in my hospitality days – I liked a few rounds of short macchiato late at night with my friends after work. Now, I prefer a nice cup of tea.

EBT with soy milk

Chad ordered poached eggs with toasted rye bread.

Poached eggs with rye toast

As you can see, perfectly runny egg yolks!

Poached egg on rye toast

Chad really liked the look of the croissants, and ordered herself one. But she said that maybe her eyes were bigger than her stomach! She ate about half of the croissant.


I ordered scrambled eggs with bacon, spinach and toast. I’d like to eat spinach with every fry-up! It doesn’t need to be buttered or anything, just steamed or blanched will do. The eggs were super-runny and delicious.

Bacon, scrambled eggs, spinach, toast

I helped myself to some strawberry jam from the self-serve condiments station that was next to our table. Strawberry jam on buttered toast goes deliciously well with bacon!

Strawberry jam on buttered toast

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