Bangers and mash plus more

I’ve had a craving for bangers and mash (sausages and mashed potatoes) for a while now, and when I mentioned it to Jac, she made me bangers and mash for dinner.

She got the sausages from a butcher – chicken and spinach (the slightly paler sausage) and beef with Guinness. Along with the mash, she made onion and mushroom gravy, and served peas with steamed carrot and sweet potato. Everything went beautifully well together. I especially loved the onion and mushroom gravy.

Bangers and mash, onion and mushroom gravy, peas, carrots and sweet potato

The sausages were delicious. I love how you can get interesting sausage flavours these days, not just “beef”, “pork”, “lamb” or “chicken” (though I love plain meaty sausages too) – a friend of mine who lives out Gosnells way told me her local butcher makes beef sausages with Vegemite. I’d like to try those one day!

Sausage innards

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