Thursday bento – sausages, onion and mushroom gravy, peas

In Jac’s bento box last Thursday – on the left: leftover sausages from our bangers and mash dinner, onion and mushroom gravy, peas with carrots and sweet potato, baby roma tomatoes; on the right: “four seed ploughman” bread from Woolworths supermarket, spread with margarine, a little salad (English spinach, mushrooms, red capsicum), prunes and a piece of fruit cake (wrapped in greaseproof paper).

Jac's Thursday bento

I packed myself the same lunch.

My Thursday bento

I always food-wrap the “wetter” and potentially messy items to avoid spillage issues.

Our bento lunches, with bits GLAD-wrapped

The bento note I wrote for Jac was inspired by a conversation we had the previous night. I think I actually did say to her the words, “You annoy me sometimes, but I love you”. :)

The bento note I wrote for Jac

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