Nando’s Chicken dinner

We went shopping last Thursday night and stopped for a meal at Nando’s.

Jac ordered the classic chicken wrap with chips and perinaise (mayonnaise with peri-peri seasoning) dip. She chose to have her chicken basted with mild peri-peri. There’s salad in there too (tomato and lettuce), but only the chicken’s showing in this photo.

Classic Chicken Wrap, chips and perinaise dip from Nandos

The dip is creamy and spicy and goes very well with chips. The chips were fantastic – piping hot, fresh and crisp. Among the best hot chips I’ve eaten in a long time.

Nandos perinaise dip

I had four chicken thighs marinated in Nandos rib barbecue sauce. The smokey barbecue flavour of the marinade was delicious, and the chicken was most succulent. Shame they’re always such small thighs. :)

Chicken thighs and chips from Nandos

I’ll be home alone for the next two and a half weeks. Jac’s gone to Sydney/NSW for a conference and, after that, a bit of a holiday. I have plenty to keep me busy while she’s gone, including the usual – work and blogging – and my latest obsession (to add to de Blob on the Wii), Professor Layton and the Curious Village, on Nintendo DS. I’ve spent all week just thinking about puzzles. :)

So what will the mouse (or should that be the bird? :)) get up to while the cat’s away?

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