Dinner at Casa del’ Amici

Last Thursday evening, Jac and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Casa del’ Amici (“The Vale Shopping Centre”, Shop 23, 393 Warton Road, Canning Vale).

The place was busier than we thought it would be on a Thursday night – luckily, they were able to squeeze us in without a booking.

We started with a serve of pane al’aglio (garlic bread, AU$4.50). This was one of the better garlic breads I’ve eaten in any restaurant – it was made with real chopped fresh garlic that you could actually see and taste.

Garlic bread

Along with the garlic bread, we shared the salt and pepper calamari (AU$14.00) for a starter. The calamari was tender and not at all rubbery. It came with a dish of homemade chilli and lime mayonnaise for dipping, a slice of lemon for squeezing, and a vinaigrette-tossed garnish of salad greens.

Salt and pepper calamari

We ordered a mixed garden salad (AU$8.00) to share with our main courses.

Mixed salad

For my main course, I ordered the pesce alla livornese (AU$22.50), which was a fillet of fish cooked with diced fresh tomato, olives, garlic, chilli, oregano and white wine. The fish had a soft, moist texture that reminded me of steamed fish, which I love but don’t have very often. There were no bones, as you’d expect of a fillet of fish, but I did find two or three scales – not a huge drama for me personally; just mentioning it. The sauce was delicious, and the two side dishes, creamy mashed potato and cabbage cooked with bacon, were equally tasty. There had been no mention of the mash or the cabbage on the menu, so they were a welcome surprise.

Pesce Alla Livornese

Jac ordered the filleto Casa del’ Amici (AU$24.50) – the restaurant’s surf and turf dish – eye fillet steak medallions topped with king prawns in a creamy garlic sauce. She also had the mashed potato and cabbage with bacon on the side. Her steak was cooked medium rare as requested, and the prawns were wonderfully bursty (I know this because Jac kindly gave me a prawn). The garlic sauce was good enough to drink (and I know this because I mopped up a thick smear of sauce with that prawn before popping it into my mouth).

Filleto Casa del' Amici

We both enjoyed the meal and thought the service was pretty good. There was a small hiccup when the kitchen appeared to have forgotten our salad – we had to ask for it to be brought out after our mains arrived and no salad appeared. But this was a minor issue – the salad was brought out very quickly, and it looked and tasted freshly made. I’d like to eat there again and next time try their arancini (deep-fried crumbed risotto balls) and their homemade tiramisu for dessert.

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