Hungry Jack’s

Another recent brunch at Hungry Jack’s (known as Burger King outside of Australia – see Wikipedia entry for information about Burger King/Hungry Jack’s in Australia). A Bacon Deluxe meal for Jac, and a Crispy Chicken Wrap meal for me. Jac’s already drinking her Diet Coke, which is why it’s not pictured here.

Hungry Jack's

I really enjoyed the fries, which were freshly cooked and satisfyingly crisp.

Hungry Jack's Fries

Jac always orders her Bacon Deluxe with “heavy lettuce and onion”.

Hungry Jack's Bacon Deluxe, heavy lettuce and onion

I really like these Crispy Chicken Wraps, but as previously noted, they really need a lot more chicken in them. They could easily fit another chicken tender in there, couldn’t they? I reckon the wrap could comfortably hold four crispy chicken tenders. And more lettuce too.

Hungry Jack's Chicken Wrap

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