Last supper at Nando’s

On the night of Jac’s flight to Sydney, we grabbed a quick dinner at Nando’s because 1) neither of us felt like cooking and 2) Jac wanted to eat a fairly light meal – chicken and salad seemed like a good idea.

She ordered the mediterranean chicken salad (AU$12.45), with the grilled chicken breast basted with the BBQ rib sauce. The salad includes lettuce, tomato, red onion, olives and cubes of feta cheese. They served it in a big bowl with two different sachets of dressing – vinaigrette and trio of bell pepper. Jac chose the vinaigrette.

Nando's mediterranean chicken salad

Jac also had a hankering for coleslaw (AU$3.50 regular, $4.95 large). I didn’t really like this coleslaw – the carrot was tasteless, the cabbage very roughly chopped. The coleslaw dressing had a very strong white pepper flavour, which I usually like, but not so much in coleslaw.

Nando's coleslaw

I ordered my favourite menu item – four BBQ thigh pieces (AU$7.95 chicken only, AU$12.90 meal with chicken, chips and a drink). I’ve posted photos of Nando’s BBQ thigh pieces before. The chips were beautifully crisp and fresh. I know it would’ve been healthier to order the chicken with a garden salad, but these chips are just too good to say no to.

Nando's chicken thighs and chips

Succulent, saucy and finger-sucking good, with crisp chips to mop up every last drop of sauce with.

Nando's chicken thighs and chips

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