Saturday with my folks

Last Saturday was my first morning alone with Jac away in Sydney. I woke up around 7:30am, which for me is a sleep-in :). I had a cuppa, wrote a few emails, showered, got dressed and caught the train to visit my parents. I’d promised to help them choose and buy new mobile phones. The plan was: decide on phones, buy the phones, then have chicken rice and nasi lemak for lunch. Good plan, I thought!

As soon as I arrived, Mum asked if I was hungry. I was, of course. :) She gave me a slice of her baked cheesecake, topped with whipped cream and sliced tinned peaches.

Mum's baked cheesecake

I’ve posted Mum’s baked cheesecake recipe before. If you try it, let me know what you think.

Mum's baked cheesecake

We discussed Mum and Dad’s mobile phone needs and their phone options over coffee and tea, and once I’d finished my cheesecake and drunk the last of my cuppa, it was time to get in the car and buy the phones. Mum and Dad use their phones to send the odd text message or make short calls (we’re talking very odd and very short!). They’ve got no need for fancy features, so the simpler and cheaper the better. My siblings and I are pretty much Nokia kids and, since Mum and Dad wanted to stay with Telstra and join the Nokia gang, it was an easy choice: the Nokia 2600 Classic. We had a little trouble finding a shop with these in stock – we went to half a dozen shops before hitting the jackpot. I think these will do the job nicely for Mum and Dad. Mum was impressed that the size of the text display is set to large by default. She’s been practising texting on her new phone and sending me messages. :)

After getting the phones, we drove to Ang’s Malaysian Chinese Take Away (Dog Swamp Shopping Centre in Yokine) to buy a couple of boxes of takeaway chicken rice. Dad doesn’t like chicken rice, but we bought a couple of boxes so that we could, as Mum said, “eat liberally”.

Chicken rice

We then drove to Kongs Asian Supermarket to buy a couple of serves of takeaway nasi lemak. The nasi lemak is delivered to Kongs from The Love and Care Cafe and comes wrapped in brown paper (see this previous post for a photo of the little brown paper packages of nasi lemak).

Nasi lemak

Mum and I shared a box of chicken rice and a serve of nasi lemak. We then dug into the second box of chicken rice – but we did leave some for Mum to take to work for lunch.

Mum always prepares extra trimmings to eat with takeaway chicken rice and nasi lemak – here’s my plate, with my half of the nasi lemak with extra cucumber (because you never get enough with chicken rice or nasi lemak), fried egg and Mum’s dry mutton curry – we normally have Mum’s beef rendang, but she’d run out of time to cook some – the dry mutton curry is always delicious though, and Mum gave me a serve of the curry to take home. As you can see, Mum likes a slightly soft egg yolk in fried egg too. I also drizzled soy sauce all over my chicken rice – I love soy sauce with chicken rice.

Nasi lemak with Mum's extra trimmings

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