A dinner

I made myself a very simple dinner last Saturday night – San Remo chicken and mushroom-filled fresh ravioli with a stir-through fresh tomato and garlic sauce. I simply boiled the pasta and added the sauce, which came in a conveniently microwavable container. I really love this ravioli. I can eat it just on its own, without any sauce, olive oil, butter or anything.

Chicken and mushroom-filled ravioli with stir-through tomato and garlic sauce

I also ate a harm chim peng, which Mum bought for me from Kongs – it’s like a donut, I suppose, but a little more savoury in flavour.

Harm chim peng

Inside is red bean paste. I’ve loved these ever since I was a child, and Mum knows this. :)

Ham chim peng

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